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Family Australia offers educational consultants an opportunity to experience flawless and streamlined office operations. By using our agency, which has been developed exclusively for running an educational agency business, the consultants will be able to manage and control all work in their respective offices. You can streamline all your student leads and applications that you are getting from different lead sources with robust follow-up management that can be integrated with the Google Calendar in an academic calendar. You can manage all your institutions, which you represent, either directly or through master agents. Automate and define your own country-specific application process, track all your applications, manage your associate applications, keep track of your social media campaign leads and performance, streamline your student payments and university commissions, maximize your staff members work efficiency and student conversion, and enjoy the flexibility, transparency, and control of office operations as never before.

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Why are we education consultants who also provide travel services?

We all use some sort of technology these days to manage our data, like Excel sheets, emails,  or maybe some online or offline software as well. Every business requires an industry-specific technology. 

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